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Telesensory Genie Pro Desktop Magnifier Computer Compatible.

Now it's easier than ever to stay productive

With over 35 years of success.

 Telesensory continues to be the company people trust and depend on for the highest quality low vision solution and dedicated personal customer service.


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Telesensory Apex Basic

   Telesensory Atlas 710

       With 24" Monitor


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     PH: 1-800-207-5665

       PH: 770-457-6554

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Zoomax MARS HD  Distance & Close Viewing. Portable Video Magnifier. Connect to PC


 Model: PM-HDMR




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Zoomax 24" HD Desktop Magnifier

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Zoomax Snow7" Handheld         Zoomax Snow 4.3"     

2xto19x magnification                        2X to 16x Magnification

Zoomax Aurora 24" HD Desktop Magnifier  2X TO 70X Magnification 

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 Zoomax Snow7" Handheld        Free Shipping       

2.2X to 19X Magnification            1-800-207-5665

Easy-to-use Handheld Video Magnifier

Snow has the most advanced images at the lowest Magnification and under fast Movement. Compact design and light weight.



Zoomax Aurora 24" HD Widescreen Desktop Magnifier

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          $2,450.00      FREE SHIPPING



  PANDA 19" Screen  Desktop Magnifier 

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Welcome to CESC


Telesensory have created the Apex Basic 17"& 20" by removing some feature such as (24 color selection/line marker shadow masking ) making the unit more affordable to the low Vision market.

CCTV Magnifier Low Vision Readers can be Tremendously Helpful to one with Macular Degeneration, Helping you bring your life back in focus, see what you couldn't see before in focus.

CESC Authorized service center since 1983, factory-trained CCTV Magnifiers,  Low Vision Magnifiers, and other low vision aids Text Readers.

 CCTV Low Vision Magnifier Technology Devices, Handheld magnifier, Desktop magnifier, can be Tremendously Helpful for people with Macular Degeneration (AMD), or low vision.

Commercial Electronics Service Center  provide  Sales Service and  Repair. Provide  Equipment Consultation and Sales for Manufacturers, fulfill factory-authorized warranty repairs on Low Vision Magnifying Equipments.

(CESC) Commercial Electronics Service Center your Low Vision  Aids Warranty and non-Warranty Service for CCTV Low vision Video Magnifiers,

 Manufacturers: Telesensory Aladdin Magnifiers, Optelec magnifiers, Zoomax Low Vision Magnifiers, Clear View Magnifiers and Merlin Enhanced Vision Magnifiers.

Commercial Electronics Service Center, inc. Located in Atlanta Georgia.

 Provides Sales and Service for Brother International Office equipments and Royal Consumer Information Products.

Commercial Electronics Service Center, inc. Establish since 1983, and have over 35 years  Experience Servicing Electronic Equipment.

CCTV Magnifier Repair Service Center.

Commercial Electronics Service Center, inc.

4020 Clairmont Road 

Chamblee GA 3034-3210

PH: 770-457-6554

PH: 1-800-207-5665








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    Zoomax Panda  Desktop  Magnifier   

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           Panda 19"Screen 2X to 70X Magnification

Office Equipment - Royal & Brother

Telesensory Apex Pro

Low Vision Equipment - Telesensory Products of Insiphil

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Zoomax Snow 7" HD 2.2X to16X Magnification

     $929.00      Free Shipping

 PH:  1-800-207-5665

  PH:   770-457-6554

 Zoomax Panda 19"  Screen Desktop Magnifier             $1,699.00

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Working Height from camera: 9.8"

Net Weight: 36.6lb

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Macular degeneration is an eye disorder that damage the center of the retina that can led to center vision loss which leads to Low vision.

 A disorder that affect the retina, the light sensitive lining at the back of the eye where images are focused.

 The macula - the area on the retina responsible for sharp center vision deteriorates, causing blurred vision which may cause problems such as difficulty reading.

 Remember when you used a magnifying glass to see a leaf, a bug or hair? you may remember that it took a few moments to find the place to hold the magnifier when viewing the object and that good light always help produce a clearer picture.

 when working with any of these magnifying devices those two principles will remain critical - proper viewing distance and good light.

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